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The Pinnacle of Pleasure Volume 1

The Pinnacle of pleasure Vol 1 is a classic collection of romantic and erotic poetry that brings to life the emotional aspect of love and marries it with our sensual appeals in a vivid way by use of a provocative style and mind-blowing imagery that leave you thoroughly entertained, in a sizzling and captivating entangle. Originally self-published in FEB 17 2015, this title is undergoing a remake from the publisher. Stay tuned for its relaunch soon!

The Pinnacle of Pleasure Volume 2

The Pinnacle of pleasure is the second book in the pinnacle of pleasure series and like the first its rich in style, language and mesmerizing tones. The fantasy to love, to dream of passion, and to desire intimacy is captured in erotic and romantic poems in this collection.

 This collection inspires love and steers the reader to stay hopeful about love and romance! Releasing September 2019, from Tree District Books, there could be no better news!

The Strange Valley (mythological poetry)

The Strange Valley is an epic, mythological poem best described in the words of two of my most admired contemporary writers.

From the exceptional Poet from the South; KYM GORDON MOORE : "I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! The poem is very metaphorical, yet thought provoking and wise. It makes you think about life if things were turned upside down. It is a poem of possibility, yet mythical in a sense."

And in the words of the one and only Author Shelby Kent Stewart: " The poem is gorgeous in its breadth and struck a chord with me immediately. "

And the words of my imaginary editor:

"The strange valley is a masterpiece of poetic oeuvre that amplifies the appeals of mythology in the examination of life in incredible depths. This piece of work provokes a critical exploration of life if things were turned around or upside down. It will grab your attention immediately and bring you to a big “what-if” contemplation, challenge your understanding of life, and inspire you to cross-examine life intimately."

Interestingly, this title will also release September 2019! From Tree District Books!

The Dark Shade Trilogy-Book 1

The dark shade trilogy is a refreshing fan fiction account of two young boys from different backgrounds, traditional and urban settings, and a brave girl, who are on a journey of becoming in which the supernatural is a reality.  As their lives unfold, they learn of their strengths, talents, and hard truths such as loss, dysfunctional family relations, and death that greatly affect their lives. Through their unique challenges, the trio becomes a resourceful friends that help each other and make their community a better society through their strenghts. Releasing from Tree District Books September 2019, this is a thrilling and juicy, must-read story you want to share with young readers of between 8-11 years!

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